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 ALTR Created Diamonds

 Get more diamond for less with ALTR Lab Created Diamonds!


Created Diamonds are one of the most exciting new developments in the jewelry industry. Created diamonds go by many names, from "synthetic diamonds" to "man created diamonds." These created diamonds are graded using the same standards as mined diamonds and are certified by the Gem Certification and Assurance Lab (GCAL). ALTR Created Diamonds are guaranteed to be cut to Type IIA, which is a certification only applied to the top 1 to 2% of mined diamonds. ALTR Created Diamonds are cut from .01ct to 4ct. 

ALTR Created Diamonds can be used to make affordable engagement rings as they are much more affordable than mined diamonds. ALTR Created Diamonds are created by simulating natural conditions. The diamonds are physically, chemically and optically identical to mined diamonds. Because they are grown in a controlled environment, ALTR Created Diamonds are a lower cost, have less environment impact, and are consistently of higher quality.


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